Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs – lista episoade

Pentru ca de luni vom incepe un nou serial, se cerea o lista de episoade pentru cel ce s-a terminat, asa cum am obisnuit sa facem pana acum.
Daca vreunul dintre link-uri nu merge sau daca sunt probleme cu episoadele, va rugam sa ne anuntati.

Saber Rider and The Star Sheriffs

01. Star Sheriff Round Up
02. Cavalry Command
03. Jesse’s Revenge
04. Iguana Get To Know You
05. Little Hombre
06. Greatest Show On The New Frontier
07. Little Pardner
08. Brawling Is My Calling
09. Wild Horses Couldn’t Drag Me Away
10. The Castle Of The Mountain Haze
11. Oh Boy! Dinosaurs!
12. Four Leaf Clover
13. The Highlanders
14. What Did You Do On Your Summer Vacation?
15. Jesse Blue
16. Show Down At Cimarron Pass
17. The Saber And The Tomahawk
18. All That Glitters
19. Sole Survivor
20. Legend Of The Santa Fe Express
21. Snake Eyes
22. Famous Last Words
23. Sharpshooter
24. The Monarch Supreme
25. Gattler’s Last Stand
26. Dooley
27. The Hole In The Wall Gang
28. The All Galaxy Grand Prix
29. Snow-Blind
30. Tranquility
31. Bad Day At Dry Gulch
32. Snowcone
33. Sneaky Spies
34. Stampede
35. The Challenge (1)
36. The Challenge (2)
37. Born on the Bayou
38. April Rides
39. The Walls Of Red Wing
40. Jesse’s Girl
41. The Amazing Lazardo
42. I Forgot
43. Lend Me Your Ears
44. Born To Run
45. The Legend Of The Lost World
46. The Rescue
47. Eagle Has Landed
48. Cease Fire
49. Alamo Moon
50. The Nth Degree
51. Who is Nemesis?
52. Happy Trails



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