2 Stupid Dogs (Hanna Barbera) 1993

Desi sunt in primul rand fana desenelor animate din anii ’80, sau mai inainte, nu pot sa nu-mi aduc aminte cu maxima placere de una dintre ultimele serii realizate de catre Hanna si Barbera Cartoon: “Two Stupid Dogs“. :)) Stati sa rad putin si apoi sa continui… =)) =)) =)) Tin minte ca ma uitam la ele impreuna cu mama mea si apoi ne plimbam prin casa razand si imitandu-i. Faza cu “Isn’t this nice? But it’s WRONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!” este antologica!


Seria a fost realizata in 1993 de catre Hanna-Barbera Cartoons si Turner Program Services si a rulat in original pana in 1995. Nici nu stiu cum sa va descriu actiunea pentru ca este asa de…stupid. :)) Povestea este centrata in jurul celor doi caini “Big Dog” si “Small Dog“. Doh! Ce fac ei? Pai…nimic destept. Se plimba, cauta de mancare (oase in special), apasa pe butoane pe care scrie UP si le citesc “you pee” si sunt in general…extrem de prosti si ultra amuzanti. Pe langa ei mai avem si alte personaje ca Kenny Fowler, pustiul geek cu ochelari uriasi, Hollywood, faimosul grasun care urla “But it’s wrong!!”, Cubby, un pusti pistruiat, Buffy Ziegenhagen, adorata lui Kenny, si preferata mea, Red, o parodie urlatoare si ciudata a Scufitei Rosii. Priceless! Pe langa acestia mai era si Secret Squirrel, un remake al cunostutului serial HB din anii 60.

2stupid-1 2stupid-2 2stupid-3 2stupid-4

Pe parcursul a doua sezoane, toate aceste personaje au facut adulti si copii din intreaga lume sa rada cu lacrimi si au intrat cu succes in galeria celor mai cunoscute desene animate din lume. Stiu bine ca la noi succesul seriei a fost urias in perioada anilor ’90 cand rula pe Cartoon Network. Voi ce amintiri legate de “2 Stupid Dogs” aveti?



  • I remember…”Miau!” la care big dog intra in panica :D

  • Ada

    Da, da, da. :)) Imi inregistram cu mama mea episoadele de caseta si mi-am facut un poster pe care l-am lipit pe usa de la camera mea.

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  • Defapt small dog se peria si matza se speria ce big dog. Am gasit un episod cu matza: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgKdeKj1xOo Oricum…imi placea la nebunie felul in care miauna pisica

  • Kmeleon

    ^ asta e unul dintre cele mai tari episoade =)))

    LD: WOW!WOOOW! Look at that! I beat up the cat! I beat up the cat! I beat up the cat! I’m the one that beat up the cat. Yeah!
    BD: I beat up the cat.
    LD: I did.
    BD: No, I did.
    LD: Prove it.
    BD: Wooof! *Little Dog intepeneste* =)))

  • “I want the toilet seat!”
    “No, I want the toilet seat!”
    “No, I want the toilet seat!”
    etc :))

  • Hari

    printre singurele desene din noua garda(generatie) care merita vazute.practic acest desen,alaturi de johnny bravo si puiul si vaca sunt primele desene care au facut trecerea de la clasice la astea noi,dar cu toate astea sunt mult peste desenele din noua generatie de dupa 2000.

  • “- Foood… | – Cornflakes!”
    “Now ain’t that cute… He-he… But it’s WROOONG!!!!”

    “I gotta wake him up! Of course, I should be careful not to disturb him!..”

    “Ta-la-la! La-la-la-la! La-la!”
    “I’m taking this basket of goodies TO MY GRANDMOTHER!”
    “Meat byprod… byproducts…”
    “Sure, dogeys… FOLLOW ME!!!”
    “Gee! I was sure Granny’s House was out here, SOMEWHERE!”
    “Somebody drank out of my toilet, too! | SOMEBODY was raised in A BARN…”
    “C’mon, c’mon! I got *stuff* to do!”
    “What’s your problem, little girl? Your *dogs* hate ya?!”
    “- What should we do? | – Foood… | – Good idea! Where are the meat byproducts?!”

    “Aw… What aye cute lil dogey-wogey!..”
    “- My finger, my finger’s on fire!!! Hurry, DO SOMETHING!!! | – What should we do? | – Shake… | – Yeah!..”
    “Now, kids, what’ve we learned?..”

    “- Cookies! Quick, open it!.. | – Get the hammer.”

    “Look out for the AU-TO-MO-BILE!.. You should’ve looked both ways…”

    “What?! Like A HUMAN?!”

    “- Hey!.. | – What?!”

    “Hey, is that a bone?!”
    “Now listen us to my word and listen us GOOOD!”
    “Thou shalt not eat Me! Thou shalt not eat Me!”
    “- The cats were getting kinda… cranky, so I let them out for a walk. | – Cows?.. LIONS!!!”
    “Would it spoil some vast, eternal Plan if these dogs are to fall OVERBOARD? Hey, wait a minute… It’s over! THE STORM IS OVER!!! Drop anchor, brethren!!! | – Where?!
    | – ANYWHERE!!! | – Oh-Kay!!!”

    “I have NO money, man! Can’t you see? I’m A DOG!!!”

    “- Cheese!.. | – Good idea! Take it THAT WAY!”
    “I’m tellin’ you: A MONKEY was piloting the shuttle! (…) NO, I don’t know what FLAVOR he wants it with!”

    “Just say: ‘CHARGE it…”
    “- And how would “monsieur” like TO PAY?! | – CHARGE IT!”

    “- What do you want from us?!.. | – The TIME!..”
    “- I don’t like this fun… | – What?! Do you think YOU could do better?! What do YOU do for fun?! | – I eat! | – Good idea! Let’s eat! No, no! Not me, not me! There, there! Over there! | The Promised Land…”
    “- We, at (I don’t remember the diner’s name) don’t have just food… We also have… FUN!.. | – FUN?!!!”

    “Gee! Thanks for turning off that tennis-ball machine!.. | – I didn’t…”

    “- It hit!.. It hit!.. | – What hit?! | – LOVE, bay-bay… | – That’s funny, I thought love smelled better… | – Not THE SHOE! | – But what? | – Her… Oh, bay-bay!..
    | – Who, the rat?! | – She’s NO RAT, MAN!”
    “Don’t worry… There are plenty of hamsters in the sea… I just hope they know how to swim.”

    “Are you done thinking yet?”

    “Are we awake yet?..”

    “- Who’s the fat guy? | – I don’t know. Maybe he knows the way to the shortcut!”
    “U-P… That’s what you wanna do, right?”
    “- Am I home yet?! Am I home yet?! Am I… home… yet? (…) Hey! This isn’t ‘home’!
    | – Home?! Follow me! I know a shortcut! | – A SHORTCUT?! Hah! This time… I’m going MY WAY! | – Hey, look: a firetruck!”

    “YOU JERK!!! (echo) Jerk! Jerk! Jerk!..”
    “- You ask me where are we gonna sleep?! Why, within THE SAFEST place of all:
    NATURE!!! So, relax… And go to sleep… Nothing BAD can happen to us in Nature!
    | – Aw..! | – C’mon, pal, let’s go get that jerk…”

    “- I want the toilet seat! | – Yeah, but my father..! My father was a toilet seat gatherer!!! And I’ve always dreamed of finding a toilet seat like this, to remind me of him! So, finding it, it’s like a dream come true!”

    “What?! You’re asking me to chose between you and my friend? Why, asking me such a thing is like asking me to chose between Day and Night, Life and Death, PORK and

    “Take a vacation… FROM YOURSELVES!..”

    “- What? | – Huh?”


    P.S. Marja de eroare e neglijabila, though… :-)

    ~ Silviu M. ~

  • alex

    ce amintiri :))

  • Razvan

    Doamne, nu mai tin minte faze specifice dar imi placeau enorm cand eram un pusti, nu stiu cum de mi-am amintit de ei acum dupa 15 ani :)

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